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Digital transformation

White Cobalt

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White Cobalt provides digital transformation services to change how a business operates and delivers value to its customers. The organization delivers continuous evolution in digital technology integration by providing Digital Transformation as a service.

White Cobalt- website on desktop, tablet and mobile

The challenge

The most important aspect of the new website was to address the target audience of business owners. This audience needed to know the difference White Cobalt brings to an organisation by improving efficiency and ultimately profitability. Bespoke, continuously evolving solutions also respond to changes in business and customer expectations.

The approach

We worked with White Cobalt on copy and content planning from the start of the process. Taking an in-depth look at how to guide a website visitor through a complex business proposal accurately and succinctly.

White Cobalt- website icons
White Cobalt- website icons
White Cobalt- website infographic

The website

The White Cobalt brand existed with a logo, typeface, and color palette. For the website design, we expanded on this to create a series of wireframe polyhedrons. The shape of the symbol in the logo was also used as a hexagonal container for icons and images. We introduced rounded corners to content panels and graduated tints to the backgrounds to soften the overall tone of the site design and make it approachable.

White Cobalt- website on mobiles

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