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Social Media Audit

Invest in a social media audit to take stock of where you are on social and where you want to be.

Why do I need a social media audit?

A social media audit will provide insight into your current performance and make recommendations on how to raise your brand profile, deliver consistent and quality content, grow your audience and increase conversions.

Cost from £295.00

Are you ready to improve your performance on social?

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Who can it help?

If you’re a business owner, marketing manager, digital marketing manager, digital marketing executive, or responsible for your company’s social media channels, you could benefit from our bespoke review.

How does it work?

Before we begin the audit, we ask a few pertinent questions to get an understanding of your business, objectives and competitors. We take a strategic approach to each review, with our findings and recommendations presented in an easy to digest report.

Your tips and pointers have helped me gain confidence from a standing start, and I’m hoping that in time I’ll obtain enough mastery to come back to you for the next steps.
Fiona Wray, Minimise Skincare

What does the Social Media Audit include?

  • Platforms – Are you on the right social media channels?
  • Profile – Is your profile visually appealing and does it contain all the right information?
  • Branding – Is your branding consistent across your platforms?
  • Content – Does the content you post cover your business objectives?
  • Tone – Does this reflect your brand values and culture?
  • Engagement – Are your posts engaging? Which ones do well, and not so well?
  • Post presentation – Are your posts as visually engaging and effective as possible?
  • Maintenance – Are your platforms updated regularly at appropriate intervals?
  • Hashtags – Are you using hashtags effectively?
  • Response – How effectively do you respond to comments and mentions?
  • Tags and mentions – Do you make the most of tags and mentions in your posts?
  • Competition – How are you performing in relation to your competition?

Other support

If you would like further support we also offer 1-2-1 training tailored to your own bespoke needs and objectives. For more ongoing assistance we offer a social media management service. Give us a call on 01206 512132 or get in touch.