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What is a WordPress theme?

If you’ve spent any time with WordPress, it’s likely you will have come across the mention of WordPress themes. So, what is a WordPress theme, and how does it work with a website?

When WordPress was first released way back in 2003, it was just used to create blogs. A few years later the developers launched the theme system. This gave a website owner using WordPress the ability to easily change the look and layout of a blog.

The nuts-and-bolts of a theme are a collection of files based on individual templates.

A single template can be used for multiple pages on the website. This ensures a site maintains layout consistency on every page.

As WordPress is an open-source system, developers and designers can create and sell a huge range of themes for website owners. It also allows them to create bespoke themes for individual websites.

Although an off-the-shelf theme will get a site up and running quickly, it can mean the website will lack individuality and cannot easily focus on the main business objectives. Pre-built themes can also include an overwhelming number of layout and configuration options.

Website owners can also install a theme in WordPress that will provide an interface in the control panel that provides a way to create a site with a drag-and-drop interface. This DIY route isn’t for everyone, however.

We are firm believers in separating content and presentation. A website administrator needs to be free to focus on creating content and not website layouts.

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