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What is a brand strategy?

There are two branding scenarios. You are either entering into the market with a new business and need a complete brand. Or you have an established company and are looking for a brand refresh. It’s time to get the branding toolbox out and create that new look.

Why you need a brand strategy

But wait a minute! What if your team has very different ideas about how your brand should look? Perhaps the most influential person claims to have a clear vision about the brand – but it’s based on out-of-date preconceptions? What if the brand designer goes to work just using guesswork and hunches to create a branding concept?

The answer to all these concerns is to create a brand strategy. It’s crucial to have a branding strategy document in place before embarking on any brand activity. It will be your brand bible – a set of guidelines on how, where and when you communicate your message, and to whom. It provides you with an insight into the competition, market position and customer perceptions of your brand.

The alternative is to go with a brand concept that everyone is satisfied with, but means little to the target audience.

How do I create a brand strategy?

A business management team, marketing team, or sole business owner can create a brand strategy. But in some cases, it might be worth investing in a professional.

The first step is to undertake some market research, either internal, external, or a combination of both. Start asking your management team and employees lots of questions. It’s a good idea to get everyone on board by giving them a voice. And who knows, valuable insight can come from the most unexpected sources. It’s essential to ask the right questions. Our Brand Strategy Workbook is a great, FREE resource to get you started.

How do I use a brand strategy?

With a carefully crafted brand strategy document in place and signed-off by all interested parties, it’s time to put it to work. Use it as a blueprint to brief designers, marketers and content developers and as a guide for your tone of voice across your digital and printed communications. It will ensure activities remain consistent across all media.

What are the benefits of a good brand strategy?

The answer to this is simple – better business. Having a strong brand that communicates effectively with your audience will enhance market performance and profit for your business. It will improve recognition and credibility in the minds of your audience. And one other lasting benefit is that an effective brand strategy inspires employees.

What’s next?

Now you understand more about what’s involved in building your brand with a brand strategy, why not take advantage of our FREE downloadable resource to help you get started?

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