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Fighting coastal erosion

Naze Protection Society

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Situated at one of the most easterly points of the Essex coast, The Naze is one of the most vulnerable places in the county to the increasing number of storm surges created by our changing climate.

Credit: Christian Davies

The challenge

Coastal erosion currently destroys 3-5m per year of the area designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and it could disappear completely within ten years if no action is taken. Losing the Naze would mean an important haven for wildlife, as well as a place of historic significance, would vanish beneath the waves. Many businesses would also be threatened and more of the Essex coastline would be open to tidal and storm damage.

As The Naze is not a residential area, it is not part of the UK Government’s scheme for protected coastlines. The Naze Protection Society was therefore created to raise awareness of the issue and gather local support for funding to help save the Naze.

The approach

Uproar Creative was commissioned to design and build a new website for the organisation to encourage membership and deliver important information to the public. It was important to create a site that was both engaging and authoritative.

Working with the existing logo we developed a new colour palette, typography and image styling for the website design.

The design also combines photography by Christian Davies and Paul Mynors, of fundraising events to emphasise community engagement, and aerial photography showing the eroded coastline.

Naze Protection Society - website on mobiles
Naze Protection Society - website on desktop, tablet and mobile

Andrew helped our tiny charity in creating a new website that would be more visible and would help us stimulate interest and activity.

Andrew made the whole process very smooth and easy. He responded quickly to our needs in the development, and his design background enabled him to move the process forward in a straightforward way. We intend to work with Andrew on the continued development of our site and our design, and highly recommend his service.

Angela Gostling, Naze Protection Society

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