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Hansen White

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Hansen White is a new company started by a team of experienced business finance and accounting advisors. The new organisation offers expert support and advice for every stage of a business’s lifecycle. From initial guidance and funding support during start-up to preparation and management of the sale of the business.

Hansen White - website on desktop, tablet and mobile

The challenge

Hansen White needed to launch the company with a fully working website that demonstrated its credentials as an expert in business. Having already commissioned a logo design, they needed image assets that would develop the brand and could be used across a multi-page site.

The approach

We took the existing logo and expanded the triangular element in the design to create a series of modular patterns that could be combined in different ways with graphics and photography. The triangular motif was also used to create icons and wayfinding.

Hansen White - website background patterns
Hansen White - website icons
Hansen White - website icons

The website

Taking a content-first approach, we developed the website to emphasize both the services offered by Hansen White and the credentials they have within the sector. This included integrating both a blog and a podcast series within an insights section on the site.

Hansen White - website on mobiles

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