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Evince Technology has a pioneering approach to developing an entirely new class of electronic devices using synthetic diamond.

Evince - website main logo
Evince - secondary logos

The challenge

Evince needed to change its brand positioning to successfully engage with its target audience of investors and potential employees.

The approach

We undertook a brand strategy review to uncover Evince’s values and ambitions and determine the best way to engage with its audience.

We found that highlighting potential markets for the technology was more important to investors than providing details on the science, which was previously the main focus.

Evince - website value icons

The brand design

Our solution was to create a wordmark using single lines for each letter. This emphasises the symmetrical nature of the letterforms, particularly the double ‘e’s at the beginning and end of the name, which also reference electrons.

A key element of the brand design is the hexagon shape related to carbon’s atomic number six. The shape has a unique angle of 35.3° that represents the crystal plane in synthetic diamond.

A set of icons also form part of the brand toolkit. They are designed to show an abstract depiction of the brand values.

Evince - website icon
Evince - website feature image Evince - website feature image Evince - website feature image Evince - website feature image


The website design brings together the brand assets to help engage the target audience. We changed the emphasis from the previous science-based website, to focus on the exciting opportunities pioneered by Evince.

Evince - website on desktop, tablet and mobile
Evince - website on mobiles

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