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What makes a brand?

18 Dec 20

What makes a brand?

Understanding the concept of branding and knowing what components make a brand identity will help you get the most out of marketing your business. Investing and acting on this knowledge will help you achieve a brand that accurately reflects your business and engages with your chosen target audience.

Before we talk about what makes a brand, we need to define what a brand is. We are so used to hearing the word ‘brand’ in marketing conversations and in the media, that you’d expect the term to be fully understood. In reality it’s one of the most mixed-up concepts in marketing.

Defining branding

One of the most common misunderstandings we find is when clients talk about the logo as the brand, or the brand as a collection of design elements, such as fonts, colours and images. These come together to help create a part of the brand identity – but they don’t make the brand in its entirety.

A brand represents how your customers and prospects perceive and experience your company, product or service. We explain this in more detail in Branding in a nutshell.

A brand is made in the minds of your audience. It’s their perception of your business that makes your brand.

What can we do to create a great brand?

So, how do you go about creating a brand, if it’s down to your audiences’ perception of your business? First of all, your business needs a brand strategy. This will help define your audience and what messaging needs to be delivered to engage with them.

The brand strategy is based on a research that provides all the supporting information and data that goes towards compiling the facts and feelings that differentiate your brand from your competitors, and compel your target audience to buy from you.

With a strategy in place, the core elements that help to build your brand can be created. With guesswork eliminated – the creativity can begin.

How we help to build a brand

Our fundamental objective when building a brand is in developing ‘know, like and trust’ factors with the target audience. First, your audience needs to know you – your credentials, personality and skills, before getting to like you and developing trust in you and your brand.

Know, like and trust are important elements in building a relationship with potential customers through your brand.

With these objectives in mind, we use our core skills to help build the brand – brand identity, website design, content development and social media management.

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Brand identity

The brand identity will create the initial image to engage with your audience. An identity design consists of many things including logo design, colour palette, typography and tagline. Once applied to marketing collateral, it’s the first opportunity for your audience to get to know you.

Website design

The website design will develop the brand identity and messaging further. This is the one place where all the elements come together. Throughout the website development, the user is at the centre of all objectives. It’s key that they gain a positive experience when using your website, to build confidence in your business and brand.

Content development

When your brand identity and messaging combine with the right content, your audience will be able to form a more accurate perception of your brand. This involves using text, photography, illustration and infographics… any information your audience needs to get to know more about you, what you do, who you are and how you work. More importantly, content allows you to be a voice of authority in your sector.

Social media management

With the right messaging in place, social media also helps to create the know, like and trust factor. Gaining likes, followers and comments, will lead to gaining trust in your brand. Building trust will take longer to establish than becoming known and liked, but it’s here the long-term benefits of developing digital rapport with your audience can be nurtured.

With all these elements in place your business is in position to successfully communicate with your audience and make your brand.

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