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The benefits of a landing page for your website

1 Feb 21

The benefits of a landing page for your website

Do you think you should always land on the homepage of a website? Have a rethink and consider the advantage of being transported directly onto a relevant page. This is the purpose of a landing page. It will take visitors directly to where you want them to take action on your website, avoiding too many clicks, distractions and ultimately the bounce factor.

Landing pages convert

In essence, a landing page is a sales page. Its main objective is to convert visitors into leads, such as capturing email addresses. In other words, it’s a lead magnet, a method to build an email list and an opportunity to start to develop a relationship with potential clients. It’s the very start of your sales funnel.

To encourage someone to part with their email address, you need to offer them something of value. What will convince your visitor to hand over their personal information? Resources can include free downloads, ebooks, or newsletters, whereas monetary incentives can consist of vouchers and discount codes. Whatever you offer, make it worth them parting with their email address. It will help secure trust in your business and potentially extend your relationship with them.

How to build a great landing page

There are lots of factors to consider when designing a landing page to engage your visitors.

But before considering the design, you need to get them there in the first place. Think about how you are going to direct potential visitors to your landing page. Social posts, SEO, paid adverts, newsletters and blogs are methods you can use to promote your landing page. And whatever way or multiple ways you use to promote your web page, include a strong call to action, with clear instructions of what you want them to do.

When you’ve spent time and money getting them onto your page, you’re going to want them to stay around for a while. Making the page engaging and providing the visitor with content that meets their expectations will help keep them there.

So, how do you do it?

Keep it simple with a single objective in mind. Avoid unnecessary distractions with too many bells and whistles. By giving your visitors fewer options, they’re more likely to take the action you want them to.

Try the five-second blink test. Can you capture what the page is about in five seconds? If you can, you’re on your way to a winning formula.

Ensure your branding is consistent with where the visitor has come from. For instance, if directing a visitor from a social post, is your branding consistent with how you are representing your business on the landing page?

Explain what you are offering and make the benefits clear with active language. Customers will buy an outcome rather than a product, so how can your product help them?

Add directional cues to make it clear what you want them to do. Combine design and copy elements together to make the instructions stand out. Sign Up, Download, Buy Now, are all strong call-to-actions that give clear, actionable instructions. Don’t assume that your visitor will know what to do without clear pointers.

Think mobile friendly. With a higher proportion of websites viewed on mobiles rather than via computers, it’s essential to optimise mobile viewers’ experience. Keep the layout clean, and avoid lengthy fill-out boxes. Ask for the minimum amount of data to reduce the time needed to submit information.

Give reassurance with a testimonial. Help build the trust factor with customers’ experiences of using your product or service by giving social proof.

Boost the ranking of your landing page by optimising the SEO. Focus on the page title, URL and meta description and then add keywords to the content, without making it spammy.

By taking all of these factors into account, you’ll be on your way to creating a landing page that gets found, noticed and actioned upon.

Do you need help with a landing page? Get in touch to explore how we can work together.

Camilla Sharman

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Camilla Sharman

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