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Closing the social distancing gap with social media

20 Apr 20

Closing the social distancing gap with social media

There's never been a more essential time to be keep up the momentum with your social media. Getting your brand out there, while posting content that is appropriate and sensitive to what's happening around us right now, will ensure you stay in the picture when business becomes brighter.

There’s lots in the news right now about the positive benefits of social media and how it can bring people together. And, as we know, business is about people. Luckily, social platforms are an excellent way to make contacts, form relationships and build clients. We may be missing the social aspects of face-to-face contact, but with the right visibility and engagement, we can make the most of getting social online.

Our natural instinct is to work with people we like and trust – and this is part of our objective with social – to show who we are, what we represent and our approach. It’s time to cool off on the sales pitch and be more reflective on our approach.

Hop onto your social platforms and get connected

One size doesn’t fit all

Get a clear understanding of how each platform works. How do the audiences differ, are there content length restrictions, do you know the correct image dimensions for each platform, and how do the platforms vary with tagging, mentions and hashtags?

Be prepared that not all social platforms will be relevant to your business. Take a review on which platforms will be of most benefit to your business and start with them first. Then, if time allows, spread your wings and expand your platforms, but remind yourself – is it working for my business?

Check your prescheduled posts

Review any posts that you’ve prescheduled and check that they are still appropriate. If not, either delete them, edit them, or save them for another day. Always be aware of what’s happening in the news, and remind yourself to double-check the posts you’ve prescheduled to make sure they remain sensitive to changes happening around us.

Be flexible

If your working hours have changed to be flexible around childcare, or other ‘work from home’ challenges, it’s likely that the same is true for your social followers and would-be prospects. Rethink about the times you are posting, and when your audience is online. You may find the normal nine-to-fivers are checking in either earlier of later in the day.

Get connected

The key to using social media positively is to be active and engage with your audience and who you’re following. If you’re using Instagram, add relevant comments to posts you like, and avoid leaving emojis without any words 😦. Adding thoughtful comments will show that you’ve taken the time to read the post thoroughly and you’ve created a positive engagement. You can even reach out with a direct message if there’s something you want to share more privately.

Plan ahead

Once you’ve established relationships with a new audience, keep it going. Take time to plan ahead and build a content diary, so you won’t be faced with the Monday morning blues of wondering what the hell you’re going to be posting for the week ahead. Build your content around different types of posts to keep your platforms looking vibrant. But keep in mind what’s going on around you, and hop in and adapt your posting so that you stay responsive.

Tie it in

Keep everything neat and tidy by starting with a key idea that is then expanded across your social media. Starting with a blog is a great way to begin, and expand it with posts that can be amplified through your social media channels.

Keep it positive

While there’s no harm in posting about the challenges we are currently facing, make sure you celebrate your achievements. From celebrating how to turn on the camera during a Zoom meeting, (we’ve all been there!), to creating a routine in your changing work pattern. Being human is part of making social real.

Stand out

Work on your words and visuals to create the best impact you can. Double-check your grammar and the reading ease of your content, to keep everything spick and span. Dive into free photo libraries if you’re struggling to create your own visuals, or experiment with tools like Canva.

Chill out

Remaining objective about your own business is one of the toughest challenges for business owners. How many times has something been starring you in the face that you just can’t see. Try to take a step back and review your progress, have you achieved your objectives, what have you found difficult, what do you need to improve, and where do you need help? If you’re working on your own, ask a trusted associate for a second opinion, or if you’re part of a bigger business, bring other members of your team on board.

Do you need help with your social media. Gain advice on which platforms to use, how to optimise your brand message through design and content and what and when to post. Wherever, you’re starting from scratch, or already set-up, we can help you improve your social engagement. Get in touch.

Camilla Sharman

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Camilla Sharman

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