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5 reasons why you need a blog for your business

3 May 21

5 reasons why you need a blog for your business

How often have you typed a question into a search engine and ended up clicking on a blog post? Blogs have many benefits, from helping with search engine optimisation to reaching out to new connections and building trust in your brand. They are a valuable marketing tool that should be a part of your ongoing content strategy.

1. Be the expert

A blog is a perfect platform to demonstrate your knowledge about your industry. Let your target audience see that you are an expert in your field. Creating blog posts that resonate with your audience will increase your value in their eyes and encourage them to come back for more advice.

Think about what your audience wants to know, what do they need help with, what can you help them improve? Make it relevant to their needs, rather than writing blog posts solely about your business. By providing the information that your audience is seeking, you are building yourself as the go-to expert.

2. Optimise your search engine results

Adding fresh content to your website is a key factor in improving your search engine results. New content is great for search engines, like Google, as each new page added to your website gives the search engines a reason to re-crawl your website to find new content to index.

A blog allows you to update your web content regularly. Carefully crafted content with keywords will help you appear in search results, increasing traffic to your website. And ultimately allowing a wider audience to discover your business.

While writing blogs gives you the chance to use keywords, it’s a must to be mindful of how they are used. Keyword stuffing is a definite no-no and will drive custom away. Think quality. A well-written blog that is easy to read and gives valuable information to your audience will enhance your credibility.

3. Build new connections

A blog gives you the chance to give something to your audience without asking for anything in return. It acts as a soft sell that can help you build new connections without using a direct approach. A blog also allows you to develop the know, like and trust factor in your business, giving new connections a chance to find out more about your business online and discover what you have to offer. It’s a creative way to develop trust in your business and build connections without the ‘cold call’ mentality.

4. Make it part of your marketing strategy

A strong content marketing campaign will include a blog that connects to all of your other marketing activities. It gives you the scope to reach a wider audience, not just through search but through sharing your content on your social media channels. And there’s no better way to entice people to your website than through an engaging blog post.

It can be a challenge to create content to post on social media, but this is where a blog can help, as it can be a great source of ideas for your social posts. How about breaking down a ‘Five top tips’ blog into five separate posts or highlighting key quotes and details to drive people to your blog to discover more? Blogs are undoubtedly a vital part of any company’s content marketing toolkit.

5. Strengthen your brand

Regular blog posts will help to strengthen your brand and give your company a voice. A blog allows you to develop your personality and demonstrate your unique selling proposal. As people buy from people, building the ‘like’ factor through your blog will encourage new connections to do business with you.

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Camilla Sharman

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Camilla Sharman

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